Mike's bass playing can best be described as a freight train driving through your chest, but with the beautiful precision and finesse of a scalpel.  Few are strong enough to handle the 15-string bass, but he does so without breaking a sweat.   As you struggle from the whiplash of the pounding fury of the huge handed 15-string madman, in a flash it is gone, with the smooth soulful sound moans of a fretless bass.  His mastery of bass is unique, and it is this mastery that glues together the dynamic sound that is the signature of Dali's Watch.  

Mike was born in Germany, a military brat with a love of music at his core.  Mike began playing piano at age 4, followed by violin in grades 1-4.  He moved to alto saxophone for grades 4-12, then baritone saxophone grades 5-11, and finally oboe for grades 11-12.  Throughout his school years Mike played/performed in various chamber music groups, concert bands, marching bands, pit bands and jazz bands.  He traveled and performed in Belgium, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Hawaii.  In college Mike picked up bass guitar and the tenor saxophone and has continued to play bass across jazz, fusion, and rock bands ever since. 

After college Mike played bass with various punk, cover and country/blues bands in Maryland.
He then formed Zapotec, a fusion band with guitarist Bill Curtis and drummer Rocky Cancelose.  The band recorded the album "Not of Sound Mind" in 1995 with guitarist Bill Curtis, drummer Jim Sullivan and violinist Anna Hubble.  The band then recorded the album "Alfa Century" in 1998 with guitarist Bill Curtis, Chris Mack Drums, Anna Hubble Violin and Jeremy Cubert Keyboards.
Mike Formed Uncle Gut in 1997, a punk/metal/fusion band with guitarist Michael Pizza and David Grollman drums.  The band recorded the self-titled album "Uncle Gut" in 1999.   The band went on to release "Uncle Gut Live at Orion" in 2000, and a second self-titled album "Uncle Gut" in 2000.  The band followed in 2001 with  the album "Fat 50" in 2001.
Mike then 2001 Joined Cerebus Effect, a fusion band, with Joe Walker guitar, Patrick Gaffney drums, and Dan Britton keys.  In 2002 they released the album "Dark Matter" and in 2005, “Acts of Deception.”
In 2001 Mike formed Dysfunctional Family, a fusion band, with Rocky Cancelose drums, David Grollman drums, Shawn Persinger guitar, Pete Laramee guitar, Michael Pizza guitar, Kevin Lewis bass and Greg Hiser violin.  The band released "Dysfunctional Family" in 2001.
In 2005 Mike formed Apothecary, a fusion band, with Gary Venable drums, Jeremy Cubert keyboards/Chapman Stick and Anna Koropchak violin.  The band released their self titled album "Apothecary" in 2006, then "Not Just Loud" in 2009, and "That's What You Get For Talking," in 2014.
In 2010 Mike formed Dali's Watch, an alternative/progressive/grungy/rock band with Mic Wynne guitar/keys/vocals and Gary Venable drums.  The band recorded "Breakfast Serial" in 2013/2014.
In 2012 Mike formed Intentional Train Wreck, a metal/fusion band, with Patrick Gaffney drums, and Pete Leskop guitar/vocals.  The band recorded "the Accident" in 2014.
Mike currently plays bass in Dali's Watch, Apothecary and Intentional Train Wreck.
Mike played bass on the following CDs

With Uncle Gut:             
Self-titled "Uncle Gut" 1999 
"Uncle Gut Live at Orion" 2000 
Second self-titled "Uncle Gut" 2000 
Uncle Gut "Fat 50" 2001
With Cerebus Effect:
"Dark Matter" 2002
"Acts of Deception" 2005
With Jeremy Cubert:
"From A To B" 2000
With Pete Laremee:
"Alone but not Lonely" 2002
With Zapotec:
"Not Of Sound Mind" 1995
"Alfa Century" 1998
With Archaic Revival:
"Live In Georgetown" 2004
With Dysfunctional Family:
Self-titled "Dysfunctional Family" 2001
With Apothecary:
Self-titled "Apothecary" 2006
"Not Just Loud" 2009
"That's What You Get For Talking" 2014
With Intentional TrainWreck:
"The Accident" 2014
With Dali’s Watch:
“Breakfast Serial” 2014