Dogland Studios

Nestled in the rolling rural farmland of Mt. Airy, MD is Mic’s recording studio, aptly named Dogland for Mic’s strong love of dogs and his constant companions when he is alone recording or mixing.


The studio was professionally designed and built with sound panels, bass traps, a vocal booth, amp cabinet room, etc.   The original design was simply a studio for solo writing and recording, but with the expansion in projects, collaborations and producing efforts it is being expanded to include a large room capable of recording full bands and/or accommodate two legged guests.


The studio is Pro Tools based, driven by a Mac Pro and an analog 32 channel Midas board, with a suite of outboard gear to include a selection of pre-amps, compressors, reverbs and related professional equipment.  In the box, the studio includes endless soft synths, and high-end orchestral sample based programs, as well as studio effects.  Dogland also maintains two vintage synths, a Roland Juno-106 and a Korg M-1, both staples of the great music of yesteryear, as well as a Modern Nord Electro-4 Organ.


Doglands’s cabinet room includes a Mesa Half-Back 4x12 and Mesa Rectifier 2x12 (closed back), a Roland Jazz Chorus-120 (circa 1989), a Mesa .50 Caliber, and a Mesa .50 Caliber Plus.


Dogland has a variety of microphones to suit most applications and has Neve and UA LA-610 clone pres in addition to the excellent Midas pres on the board.

We can do projects fully in the box, with a wealth of plugins such as the full Slate Audio suite, Waves, etc.  But we love our hybrid set-up where the warmth of all of those transformers come into play and very coveted vintage gear like the Orban 111B Reverb.  Let the phasey, aggressive warm eqs and comps liven up your mix, even if bypassed just processing audio through them is golden.  We adapt to your needs.  We can provide a straight mix to your style or take you to the next level with production elements and assistance if desired in critical arrangement decisions, etc.   We have been in the music business for decades with successful internationally recognized music and we love to share all we know to make your music successful as well.  Interested; drop us a line and let's get started making great music together.

Some Recent Mixes in Progress (click forward to review each track)

Dogland's Gear 2017

Midas Venice 32F 32 Channel Analog Console with 32x32 Digital, great ores and onboard EQs

  1. CM Labs Motormix for automation control
  2. Behringer BCR2000 Midi controller for automation control
  3. ART Pro MPA II
  4. GAP Pre 73 Dlx II
  5. Sennhesier e906 mics
  6. Shure SM-57 mics
  7. CAD Trion 7000 Ribbon Mics
  8. Shure SM-81 Mics
  9. Shure SM-7B Mics
  10. Rhodes NT1-A Mics
  11. Sennheiser MD421 Mics
  12. Mics mics and more mics
  13. ProTools 12
  14. Tegeler Creme on the Mix Bus (SSL G-Comp and Pultec EQ)
  15. TC Electronics M One XL Reverb/Delay
  16. TC Electronics D2 Delay
  17. Line6 Echo Pro Delay
  18. Orban 111B Reverb
  19. Pioneer SR 202W Reverb
  20. Sansui RA 500 Reverb
  21. Pete's Place BAC-500 FETCompressor (1176 modern take with transformers on FET)
  22. Chandler Limited TG Opto Compressor/Limiter (The legendary TG1)
  23. Lindell Audio 77X-500 Stereo Compressor (ii76 Rev F in stereo)
  24. Stereo Matched Pair DBX 163X Revive Audio Modded Compressors
  25. Stereo Matched Pair UREI 7110 Revive Audio Modded Compressors
  26. DBX 263X De-Essers (3)
  27. DBX 363X Stereo Gate
  28. DBX 463X Gates (2)
  29. DBX 560A Compressors (2)
  30. BSS DPR 422 Stereo Compressor
  31. WA-76 Compressor (1176)
  32. ART Pro VLA II Stereo VCA Compressor (LA-2A)
  33. EPQ-WA (Pultec)
  34. Rocktron Compressor/Limiter 300A (2)
  35. Sansamp PSA 1 (the original analog system)
  36. Aphex Aural Exciter Stereo Type C
  37. Radial Engineering JDX (2)
  38. Radial Engineering PZ DI
  39. Radial Engineering JDI
  40. Radial Engineering J48
  41. Radial Engineering JCR
  42. Radial Engineering PZ-DI
  43. ART SLA-1 for passive monitors
  44. Klark Teknik DN 410 Parametric EQ
  45. Furman Power Conditioners
  46. Mackie Powered Monitors
  47. Presonus Faderport for transport
  48. Shuttle ProV2 for editing
  49. Motu Midi Express 128
  50. Behringer Eurorack Pro for keyboard submixing