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Dali's Watch - Breakfast Serial (Ravenhurst) ....


In October 2014, Ravenhurst Records will be releasing the progressive and experimental debut from the Maryland band Dali's Watch titled Breakfast Serial. The album was recorded at both Dogland Studios and with Drew Mazurek. Dali's Watch consists of Mic Wynne - vocals/guitars/keys; Michael Galway - bass guitars; and Gary Venable - drums. "Pandemic" is an instrumental that starts with sombering acoustic guitars, sound effects, and narration, then pulls you into something in the vein of progressive rock, sometimes slightly fusion. "Blissful Ignorance" rocks out with great riffs and vocals, having some resemblances to the sound of the band Tool. "Without a Whisper" is a musically psychedelic ballad with commercial potential and the band continues this with songs such as "Ray of Light" and "Bleak". On the song "Ghosts of the Past" the band introduces piano and more prominant synthwork. The chorus is memorable and the song has a notable breakdown towards the end. Dali's Watch finish off the album with a rendition of Duran Duran's "Ordinary World". All in all I found this debut album to be something a bit different, quirky, original, and interesting.  

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